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Hey, there!  So glad you stopped by!  I am a single teacher-mom with 17 years under my belt in elementary education.  I have three beautiful children, and LOTS of interests!  I started this blog for all the teacher-moms out there who need encouragement, resources, a good laugh, ideas, or just reassurance that you're not the only one!  This blog is REAL, y'all.  I won't mince words over here.  Promise!

I currently teach 5th grade, and I have a TPT store where I sell all the curriculum that I write and use in my own classroom.  Lessons were never exactly the way I wanted them, so I figured I'd just start writing them myself.  Then TPT came along, and bless my soul!  It was a match!  Several years ago, I also started my own little photography business.  It keeps me very busy during the holiday and senior season!  

  In my spare time (what spare time???), I do live theatre, swim, read, write, sing, run, cycle...   I cart my kiddos to basketball, football, swimming, choir, rehearsals...  In the summers, we are water rats - the pool, the river, the lake, the ocean...if there's water, we are there!  I blog, I love old episodes of Friends, I'm a HUGE introvert, and I really do have eight pets - all rescues, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  One day, if I am every TOTALLY RICH, I'm going to buy land and build a barn.  Not a horse barn, but a DOG BARN.  I will rescue all the dogs and they will live there and there will be no empty bellies or forlorn faces and the angels will sing and all will be right with the world.  

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