Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Break Metamorphosis

It's spring break!  Well, technically, I only have about 3 days left, but I intend to use them wisely!  Hopefully I will be able to insert some fun into what has, so far, been a complete metamorphosis of my home.  What have I been doing this week?  Weeeeeell...

I cleaned out the toy box to make room for Barbies and doll clothes so the darn cats can't drag them downstairs anymore.  I sorted clothes into their proper drawers, because clearly my children did not inherit my stellar organizational skills.  I de-junked closets, drawers, a dozen Dollar Store buckets (never stick your hand to the bottom of a bucket, or you could wind up with a handful of lip gloss), AND under the kids' beds.  I picked up 42,000 random Lego pieces, tiny rubber bands for looming, and beads that were supposed to be on a homemade necklace.  I wiped dry erase marker off of mirrors and cleaned ink stains out of carpet (Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover is the BOMB, y'all - it's made for pet stains, but it gets out EVERYTHING!).  I hung beautiful turquoise metal flowers on my bedroom wall, and created a reading nook with a chair that doesn't look comfortable at all, but is very cute.  I washed 7,458 loads of laundry, folded/hung, and put away said laundry, including four dog blankets that were very STINKY!!!  I bathed two dogs, and set up a grooming appointment for another.  I bleached everything I could get my hands on (except the animals and kids), pulled weeds, mowed & fertilized, vacuumed twice, cooked Zuppa Toscano, cleaned bathtubs and toilets, took out 7 bags of garbage, donated 3 bags of clothes and toys, went to the grocery store 3 times and Hobby Lobby twice, took back a bunch of stuff to Target, and made my bed every morning.  Today, I've left the house alone for a bit so that I can work on materials for my class's current novel study, blog, and update one of my favorite mini-units so that I can share it with YOU!  Keep reading to see pics of the transformation!

Yep, this has been my spring break while my kiddos are at their dad's, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love getting stuff done, especially things that have been on my "list" for months.  When the kids come home tomorrow, the fun begins!!!

To commemorate the metamorphosis of my home, I decided to update my metamorphosis mini-unit, and make it FREE for a limited time in my TPT store!  We just finished this unit in my classroom.  In fact, I'm hoping there will be a Painted Lady Butterfly gracing our classroom when we return on Monday.  I'm feeling some serious guilt right now, because one of our larva had not pupated before the break, so I don't think the poor lady will make it (this has seriously kept me up at night).  But I left a huge feeding bottle of sugar water in the butterfly cage, so fingers crossed that our one pupa makes it to adulthood!
Click here to get your copy for FREE!

My kids LOVED this unit, especially the update where I had them research specific insects and document their types of metamorphosis.  You should've heard the ones who got the tick and the lice and the termite!  Hilarious!!!  I can't wait to do the craftivity with them later this month during our science blitz.  It's always a big hit!  Make sure to visit my TPT store get your copy today!
Metamorphosis plates - head on over to my TPT store for instructions and more pics!
Here are few pics of my "vacation."  I'm feeling so accomplished right now!!!  Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

Roderick is trying to hide from his bath - he's not the smartest one of the bunch!

Found this priceless gem while cleaning out the toy box.  Prince Eric got a tat!  His love for Ariel is eternal!  Awww.......

My bedroom metamorphosis - I plan on painting the table with orange chalk paint at some point.
My little buddy, Tex, loves hanging out, a.k.a. snoozing, while I work.

This is it!  You can only get it at pet stores, and it's pricey, but well worth it!!!