Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Food Chains, Food Webs...and Kittens

So far, February has been just what I expected it to be...  Fast and furious!  State testing commences in less than two months, and the nightmares have begun.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  I'm not even gonna go there right now because the sun is going down and I don't want to feed the monster!!!

Focusing on the positive...  We've moved on to the life sciences, and this is by far my favorite unit.  I'm an animal lover (hence my SEVEN pets - four dogs, three cats), so I guess that explains why I love teaching about animal adaptations, food chains, ecosystems...  Last year, I bought several class pets to help teach the unit.  We had multiple goldfish (we tried to train them to come to the surface to feed, but they all died before we could get any hard data), a tadpole (sadly El Guapo died before he even lost his tail - not so guapo), and two hamsters (Petco really will take them back within seven days, especially when you arrive bawling with a mostly dead hamster in a shoebox - that's a whole other story).  This year, I strategically avoided class pets by rescuing three kittens over the Christmas holidays. 

Yeah, somehow I think last year wins.

Moving on... 
I wrote this mini-unit to supplement my curriculum on food chains and food webs.  It integrates reading with passages on several topics, research, as well as a cute craftivity to make it fun and meaningful.  It's absolutely FREE for a limited time, so get it while you can!  Click HERE to visit my TPT store and download your copy!

Craftivity to go with mini-unit 

In case you were wondering how I ended up with three kittens, it turns out that I am categorically unable to turn away homeless animals, or say no to my children when it comes to adopting homeless animals.  Even when they are cats.  Cats I swore I would never own.  Ever. 
My friends and family have decided to put my picture up in all pet stores, along with a Animals Anonymous hotline.  But seriously, how do you say no to these faces!?!? 

Emily and Tex

Tiger - grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Doesn't he look tough???

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