Monday, January 19, 2015

"Marvel"-ous Mixtures & Super Solutions

It's been a while, but I have a legitimate excuse!  Have you ever tried typing with a broken finger???  It's not at all fun.  QWERTY doesn't work as well when your down a digit.  However, I created a super cute and useful bundle on mixtures and solutions, so I just had to share!

Last week, we had a district benchmark in science, and we were a few days behind in the curriculum, so we did a cram session on mixtures and solutions.  The thing I love about science is how engaged the kiddos are!  They don't even realize they are learning as they mix substances and decide the best way to separate them.  Big words like "solute" and "solvent" aren't so scary when they realize it's really just salt and water.  (If you haven't noticed, science is my favorite subject to teach!)
Mixtures & Solutions Mini-Unit
The activities I use in my classroom to teach mixtures and solutions are available for FREE in my TPT store for the next 24 hours, so go get you a copy!  Click HERE to download the file.  Be sure to check out my Matter Mini-Unit, too!  It was featured recently on my blog, and has TONS of fun activities that would be a great stepping stone into mixtures and solutions!

If you're wondering how I broke my finger, it's a fairly dumb story.  I tried to grab a 40-pound dog by the collar while she was wet, and running at me full-speed.  The best part of the story is the X-ray.  Close your eyes if you are easily offended!  I swear it's legit.

Yes, it's TOTALLY the finger you think it is - which is why the X-ray is so awesome!
Have a great day tomorrow, friends!

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