Monday, December 1, 2014

The Fraction Trilogy

The fraction craze continues in 5th grade...  I really enjoy seeing my kiddos move from "This is too hard," to "This isn't so bad," to "I can do this," and finally, "This is easy!"  That's been this fraction far.  I know it can't always be sunshine and roses, but for now, I'll take it! 

We've moved into comparing fractions, a new 4th grade skill that got lost in the shuffle of TEKS over the summer.  Thank God for the awesome 4th grade teachers at my school for introducing this at the tail-end of last year!  It made the models and numbers and word problems (oh my!) that much easier to teach. 

And then came cross multiplication...  Ah, yes, the lazy man's strategy (according to the "Powers that Be"), but quite useful if I do say so myself!  Then again...cross multiplication seems like such an easy concept.  However, you never know what your kiddos are going to do with a new concept, and that held true for comparing fractions!  They wanted to multiply all kinds of different ways, but eventually...they nailed it!  Here are a few of the activities we worked on today...


More models...and benchmarks!

Cross-multiplying...with an impromptu story problem when one of my kiddos asked, "What if they are EQUAL???"

And a few simple story problems...we will tackle more challenging word problems tomorrow!
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