Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's reSOLUTIONS

It's almost a new year!  I don't know if I should be excited, or depressed, that time keeps stomping all over me!  There never seems to be enough time for anything, whether it's teaching or holidays or watching your children grow.  Before you know it, summer will be upon us...and I will be turning 40!!!  Maybe that's what is feeding my time frenzy.  The big 4-0 looms before me, and though I don't feel 40 (mentally or physically...well, except for maybe my lower back...and my knee), it's the idea that 40 years have passed in my lifetime and there is still so much that I want to do!

In the last 4 years, the phrase "one day at a time" has become something of a mantra for me.  That's how I try to live life.  It has certainly relieved a lot of the pressure that I used to place on myself.  I used to have a crystal ball in my mind, and I used it constantly to make today's decisions based solely on how they would affect my tomorrows. 

But what about today?  Do I sacrifice today's joy worrying about what tomorrow may bring?  I used to hate the phrase "It is what it is."  Five words that seemed (to me) like giving up.  As in, it is what it is, nothing I can do to change it.  No!  I can change things!  I can change people!  Just give me a little time, a little (okay, a lot...I mean, a TON) of mental and emotional elbow grease, and they'll eventually come around to my way of thinking!  Ugh.  Ugh ugh ugh.

Today I choose joy. 

Why all of this philosophical rambling, you ask?  Because I'm tempted to make a New Year's Resolution.  Because I'm tempted to start typing out my goals for the new year.  Because I'm tempted to put down in black and white a bunch of things that I may or may not be able to accomplish tomorrow or the next day or the next, and frankly, I don't want to be disappointed in myself.   So...TODAY I will:

1)  Finish this blog and post it.

2)  Post a freebie in my TPT store!  It's a People Book Craftivity that I used with my kiddos when we were researching Ben Franklin, but it can be used for any historical figure (MLK Day is coming up!), on Mother's Day, as an autobiography, for character analysis, or anything else you can think of!  Click on the link to download your free copy for a limited time!  Here are a couple of pics of how one of my student's work turned out:
Inside (informational paragraph about Ben Franklin)
 3)  Share with you some images from my jobby (my job/hobby as a photographer).  I love my JOBBY!!!
Love the ginger!

What a cutie!

4)  Warn you that chalk paint is NOT easier than regular painting, no matter what other blogs may say!!!


5)  Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Stay safe this holiday and enjoy the last few moments of peace and quiet before the race to summer begins!  Bring it on, 2015!!!

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