Monday, September 22, 2014

Accept My Apologies...

I am officially the worst blogger ever!  I really WANT to blog more, and offer more freebies, but I can't seem to find the time!  In my defense, the last few weeks have been crazy!  Between early release staff meetings, multiple doggie escape attempts, ARDs out the whazoo, and a feeble attempt to get back to my workout routine, I have been too spent to blog!  Not to mention that technology has not been my friend this week!  I have been having MAJOR issues with Google Drive, so if you visited my blog and were unable to download the freebies, I'm sooooooooooooo sorry!

So we have been working with place value and decimals in my classroom.  Since I have such diverse learners, I needed to differentiate how I taught rounding.  No way could I introduce rounding decimals when some of my kiddos struggle with rounding to the hundreds place!  I created a bundle of materials that gives multiple opportunities for guided practice, and includes four sets of materials - rounding to the hundreds, thousands, millions/billions, and decimals.  I definitely needed to scaffold my students through basic rounding first, then into the millions and billions place, and finally into decimals.  It was tedious, but we made it through with our sanity (almost) intact! 

I also included four sets of fun games in the bundle for reinforcement throughout the year.  It is the same game, but geared towards hundreds, thousands, millions/billions, or decimals.  My kiddos can get the practice right where they need it!   I have a tub of baggies in my classroom FILLED with task cards and games to reinforce the concepts I've taught.  I add to it with each unit/skill I teach.  It's awesome for those fast finishers, and I love breaking out the tub during my math blitz just before STAAR!

Enjoy the sampler - I included the interactive notebook materials for the millions/billions place.  As always, please share with your colleagues and teacher friends!  If you'd like the full bundle (with all activity sets and games included), click HERE!

Rounding Sampler
Happy teaching!

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