Sunday, June 1, 2014

Four Days and Counting...

I'm rolling my eyes as I sit here and write.  This is my third attempt at a blog.  Yep, you heard THIRD attempt.  My first attempt was a spiritual and (hopefully) encouraging look at life.  At some point, my life became jam-packed with encouraging moments, and I couldn't seem to find the time to write about them - not a bad problem to have, wouldn't you say?  A Voice from the Vine is still active, and maybe someday I will find the time, but for now, it is what it is.

My second attempt at a blog came with my photography business, which I started about a year-and-a-half ago.  I thought blogging would be the perfect way to showcase my work.  Alas, Facebook has proven to be much more efficient, and so that is where Courtney Lindsey Photography currently lives.

So why this blog?  Why now?  Well, for starters, summer is right around the corner - four days and counting!  I will have GOBS of time on my hands in between summer school, three kids, four dogs, swim team, photography, VBS...  OK, maybe not.  But luckily, these blog posts will be short and sweet (with the exception of this one!), and they will give away free stuff! 

You see, I also create lesson plans, activities, curriculum, recording sheets, posters, anchor charts, vocabulary cards, games, projects...just about anything that this obsessive-compulsive single-mom teacher can use to make life easier, a.k.a. more organized and efficient.  Yes, my OCD can be ANNOYING (and sometimes counter-productive)!!!  I wish I could just sit back and stick with last year's stuff.  But as soon as I kick my feet up, my fingers start to twitch and, before you know it, I'm back at the computer, poring over fonts and creating text-box after text-box.

So back to the blog...  I decided to share my creations with anyone who moseys on over this way, because let's face it...if you're taking the time to read my nonsense, you deserve to get something out of it!  And if something I've created can make your life easier, then WOOHOO!!!  Here's my first freebie - an End-of-Year Memory Book*** that's sure to keep your kiddos engaged while you finalize grades, stuff report cards, count textbooks, and pack up your classroom for the summer.  I created it for my 5th graders, but it will work for other grades, too.  Go ahead, download it!  It's FREE, but the link will expire with the next freebie I post, so don't wait!!!  Never fear, though - if you miss out on something, it (and TONS of other goodies) will always be available in my TeachersPayTeachers store

***The link to the Memory Book has expired!

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