Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reading Logs for Teachers Who Hate Reading Logs

I am OBSESSED right now!  I always knew I had a font fetish, but recently, I found the cutest frames, borders, and backgrounds to use in the curriculum and materials that I create!  How is it that I'm just now figuring this out???  I've seen products with all that great stuff, but I never really thought too much about how they got there.  I just typed in my debit card number and downloaded my copy.  But now that I know where and how to get them, I can't stop creating!

Here are two items that I created a couple of days ago, with a little background to go along with them...  I HATE keeping up with reading logs.  I mean really, REALLY hate it.  As a teacher, what am I looking for?  A book title with a parent signature next to it that says you read for 20 minutes each night?  What's the purpose in that?  Yes, I realize that reading every night is important (I even have a cute chart that breaks down the total minutes per year vs. a student who doesn't do the reading).  But if it's not quality reading, what's the point?

And here's a dirty little secret...sometimes I sign my own kids reading logs when they haven't even read!  I know!  Sacrilege!  Please don't turn me in!!!

So anyway...I decided to create a reading log that will actually hold my students accountable for analyzing what they've read each night.  Each bundle contains 36 weeks of thought-starters or questions - one for each week of the school year.  (I tried to fit them to one or two pages to save the baby trees!)  The logs prompt higher order thinking in a multitude of ways.  Download your copy for FREE to see just what I mean!  Choose the Grades 2-3 logs, or the Grades 4-5 logs, or BOTH!

Daily Home Reading Logs - Grades 2-3*
Daily Home Reading Logs - Grades 4-5*

Happy reading, everyone!

*The links have now expired, but you can purchase the logs on my TPT store by clicking on the link in the side bar.  Enjoy!

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