Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's August, Ya'll

I have a love-hate relationship with August.  I love that it's my birthday month.  I hate that I'm a year older.  I love my 50% discount at Kendra Scott.  I hate that I can't get out of that place with JUST ONE ITEM.  I love the FRESHNESS that is the new school year.  I hate that our days sitting poolside are swiftly coming to an end.  Sigh.

I found at least 14 items I wanted, but my bank account said NO!
Let's  reflect on where we are in our summer timeline, shall we?  The bickering is at an all-time high. Most of my children are in a YouTube-induced trance for approximately 90% of the day.  The kitchen has become a 24-hour buffet.  Half of us have summer reading that that HASN'T. EVEN. BEEN. TOUCHED.  Mention the word "chore," and suddenly everyone under the age of eighteen is catatonic.

And I've just been too summer-lazy to give a care.

But it's August.  In a few weeks, I will be FORCED to give a care.  I'm sure it's nothing a little school-supply shopping won't cure.  Because let's be honest,  the MOST awesome thing about being an elementary school teacher (aside from those 22-26 shining faces, of course) is buying school supplies.  Sorting them.  Organizing them in cute bins.  Labeling said bins.

In honor of the upcoming school-supply shopping binges (and, if you're from Texas, the tax-free weekend coming up on August 11-13), I'm offering my supply labels for FREE for the next 24 hours. They come in two sizes - large and small.  I use the large at Meet-the-Teacher to display on the walls above where I want the kiddos to place their supplies.  I use the small in my closet, cabinets, shelves, etc. to label where everything lives.  I allow my 5th graders to get new supplies when they need them.  I know, sounds crazy, right???  But with the exception of a few "off-limits" items that are occasionally snagged, it works out pretty well.  I'm totally okay with a few pilfered pencils if it means I don't have to be in charge of passing out new supplies!

Click here to snag your free set!
At Meet-the-Teacher, I collect small supplies in tubs from Walmart.  They stack easily for storage, and I can use them throughout the year for other things.  Thank goodness they are cheap, because I buy new ones every year.  They are like socks in the laundry!  I don't know what happens to them, but somehow they VANISH.  Somewhere out there is a sneaky little troll with a cave full of socks and plastic dishpans.

Looks like they sell them in bulk - 8 for around $14!  WOOHOO!!!
Hope you enjoy the freebie!  Just a few more weeks of freedom, friends!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lovin' Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime Day has come and gone, and I'm anxiously awaiting my finds to arrive on my doorstep!  Okay, so maybe only one out of the four things I ordered was on sale.  And it had nothing to do with school stuff.  So what!?!  I still saved around $30 on my purchase, and that will always be just fine by me!

So what did I find that I just COULD. NOT. live without???  I've been eyeing this pencil sharpener for literally years.  But I'm such a penny-pincher when it comes to replacing something that still works.  My dinky little electronic sharpener has been doing the death rattle for months, but it could probably stick it out for a couple more.  However, it's the beginning of the year, and my classroom will soon be all clean and shiny.  Who wants a banged-up old sharpener sullying the absolute freshness that is my August classroom?  Yes, said freshness will last approximately seventeen seconds into the first day of school.  But I will cherish it in the weeks before school starts, and that grumpy old sharpener just will not do!

SO excited about my new sharpener!  Is this normal?

Let's see, I also got these RAD stools because I'm going to give flexible seating a go.  And shhhhh...don't tell my daughters, but I'm totally stealing the bean bag chairs that Santa brought them a couple of years ago.  Seriously.  Check out where they live now.  The girls won't even miss them.  Right??? Right.  (I fear there will be an update on this in the very near future.)

I love the sleek look!  I hope they are STURDY.  You get it.

She will soon be able to open BOTH of her closet doors!  Selling point???

There it is, under that pile of (hopefully) clean clothes.  Clearly, her pile of clothes gets a TON of use out of the chair.

I got two sets of these FANTASTIC lime green write-on dots for my math and reading tables.  I'm a little iffy on them because I've always covered my tables with fun fabric.  It usually lasts several years before I have to replace it, but last year, my little darlings picked and Picked and PiCKeD and PICKED until they shredded parts of it.  Rather than lay on my bad back underneath those tables to try to fix the damage, I decided to rip those suckers right off, and try something new.  I'm a little nervous, because, know how much teachers like change.

I hope they are kid-proof!

Finally, I ordered some Chaco's.  They are totally cute, and they were the only item in my basket that was discounted on Prime Day (HELLO 30%!!!  They were practically screaming, "BUY ME!!!").  I TOTALLY rationalized the purchase after my orthopedist told me I needed to be wearing more supportive shoes because my knees are angry at me.  Clearly, he is unaware that it is summer and flip flops are the National Shoe of Summer.  He is also unaware that I am absolutely UNPREPARED to be told that I need to start wearing more supportive shoes.  In honor of that nasty statement, I also rationalized the purchase of a pair of Birkenstocks.  Go ahead.  Judge me.  But I'll totally be there for you when you get told that you need to start wearing support hose.  Promise.

So comfortable!
Okay, it's only mid-July so I'll shut up now and go back to the pool in my NEW CHACO'S, thank you very much, Dr. Navarro.  But before I go, here's a gift for you in honor of the (belated) Amazon Prime Day!  Head on over to my TPT store and get some FREE Meet-the-Teacher goodies!  They'll only be free for the next 24 hours, so go NOW!!!  And don't forget to follow me while you're there, so you'll be updated on discounted and FREE new products when they are posted!  I also offer free and discounted goodies RIGHT HERE, so go ahead and click on that FOLLOW tab!  You know you want to!

Until next time, friends!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's New for Scientific Processes?

It's the beginning of a new school year.  Crayons are nice and sharp.  All the pencils still have their erasers. Everyone has a working pair of scissors.  Student (and teacher) desks are organized.  It's heaven in a classroom, am I right?

This clerical bliss will last approximately 19 more hours, so enjoy it while you can!

I am already jumping into curriculum in my classroom!  How 'bout you?  I'm trying to integrate expectations and procedures into my curriculum so that I don't lose any precious time this week.  This year, I have an AMAZING group of kiddos!  I'm so thankful!!!  I haven't even had to THINK about discipline. YAY!!!

I always teach the Nature of Science in my classroom the first week of school.  I hit a ton of my state's process standards, and the kids get an important review of enduring science concepts like the Scientific Method, science tools, and inquiry skills.  I love using the book On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein by Jennifer Berne as a read-aloud this week.  We are able to link this sweet little book to so many science concepts, as well as discuss the importance of perseverance and never underestimating oneself.

Love this book!  Click HERE to get a copy!
This year, I decided to incorporate the popular lapbook into my Nature of Science curriculum.  After several days of organizing supplies, setting up notebooks, and practicing procedure, I know my kiddos need some time to be creative and show what they know without using a worksheet!

This lapbook incorporates the Scientific Method, science tools, and inquiry skills, but it also encourages kiddos to make a personal connection with science.  How do you behave like a scientist?  Where do you see science in the real world?  If you were going to win the Nobel Prize for science one day, what would it be for?  My kiddos LOVE science, and they love to imagine becoming famous someday for an invention or a new discovery.  Today, I had a student predict that he will discover that the universe is round, and that's why it's infinite.  Okay!  I just love how these lessons and activities get them so excited to jump right into the meat of the curriculum!

My Scientific Process Lapbook is FREE for a limited time in my TPT store, so get your copy while you can!

Scientific Process Lapbook available on TPT
My Nature of Science Guide is also available in my TPT store.  It has cute posters, vocabulary cards, an Albert Einstein activity, a flipbook and quiz on the Scientific Method, a ton of science tools, and MUCH MORE!

Nature of Science Guide available on TPT

Have a great year, friends!